Accommodation terms

General terms of accommodation in Hotel Thermal*** Štúrovo

1) The hotel room can be checked-in on the day of arrival from 2 pm to 6 pm at the hotel reception. If the guest fails to report late arrival /arrival after 18:00. /, Vadas sro. reserves the right to sell the room due to non-arriving.

2) The room should be checked out on departure day till 10 am at the hotel reception. In case of late departure / after 10:00. / hotel can charge 100% of accommodation price per person / per night and the guest is losing the right of accommodation for the next night.

3) Entry to the thermal spa and indoor swimming pool / according to the current opening hours / on departure day is possible only after check-out and the payments are finished at the hotel reception. Then the receptionist will reactivate the guest entry card.

4) The price includes accommodation and accommodation tax.

5) Guests have claim to the following free services: entry to the outdoor swimming pool area and entrance to the indoor swimming pool and sauna, also morning swimming according to the opening hours of the swimming pool and indoor swimming pool / sauna / mentioned on the Website:, parking in front of the hotel at non-guarded parking place , 1 umbrella with 2 camp beds for one room per stay, except day of arrival, WIFI. Umbrellas are not moveable, fix placed. Their changing is not possible. If the umbrella and the camp beds would be not filled till 11 am we´re reserving the right to sell them to the other guests of the thermal resort. Then the hotel guest is losing the claim to this service on that date.

6) For a fee can guests order a guarded parking lot, also a meal at the restaurant /breakfast, lunch, dinner / for the current price mentioned on the website.

7) The restaurant is open: 7 am – 8 pm daily
Breakfast: 7:00– 10:00 ( in the restaurant) buffet breakfast.
Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00, lunch menu
Dinner: 18:00 – 20:00 (in the restaurant) bufet dinner.
In case of fewer than 10 guests accommodated in the hotel, the meal is served.

8) Deposit for key card / 2 Eur / piece, during the summer season /is charged / on an invoice in advance or at the check-in / for each enabled key card. The key card used to be activated any person who reached the age of three years. At the end of your stay, the deposit will be cashed back (after the entry card is returned back to the rental for next to the main entrance to the swimming pool). Key cards must be returned no later than 3 days after leaving. Otherwise, claim to refund the deposit expires.

9) If you are interested in accommodation without bed - beyond the capacity of the room the payment is 12 € / pers. / noght - for children 3-11,99 years and 20 € / pers. / night for persons over 12 years.

10) To accommodations of VADAŠ Ltd. IS FORBIDDEN to bring any animals (dogs, cats, etc.). In case of violation of this prohibition, the provider reserves the right to immediately end the stay without compensation.

11) It is necessary to pay the deposit of the invoice in advance due to date stated stated on the invoice issued by the supplier. If this requirement would not be satisfied, it could be considered as a lack of interest and the reservation will be cancelled. When making payments by bank transfer, all bank fees are paid by guest. Any differences arising from the conversion rate shall be settled on arrival.

12) Cancellation of orders after payment of the first deposit is liable cancellation fee:
- For cancellation 60 days or more before to arrival 10% of accommodation value
- For cancellation 15-59 days before arrival 30% of accommodation value
- For cancellation 03-14 days before arrival 50% of accommodation value
- For cancellation up to 3 days before arrival 100% of the accommodation value
- For cancellation due to: illness, death in the family, hospitalization
etc. upon presentation of a doctor 10% of the accommodation
Deposit amount will be returned by bank transfer or postal order and not in cash.

13) When booking, guests will receive a "Confirmation of receipt of reservation" with any necessary information and services ordered / guest will check-is with this confirmation /. Guest will receive at the same time "the application for stay," which is needed to be filled and sent to the hotel reception before arrival. If an invoice for the deposit payment was sent to a guest, i tis necessary to send back an advice of payment of the required value. Uncertainties / discrepancies in booking acknowledgment would be resolving in written form in advance before the date of arrival with hotel reception, which will re-send the corrected certificate.

14) Guest is liable for damages caused to owner during their stay. Damages must be payed in full charge at check-out.

15) Founded things the will be sent by post upon written request, the guest pays all fees involved. Lost things are stored in the hotel for 1 month.

16) The guests stay in the hotel and recreation complex is regulated by Visiting Rules and Regulations, which is valid for all guests without exception.

17) If individual statues of these Terms and Conditions should be or become ineffective or invalid, it shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining statues.

18) The provider is not liable for any injuries during your stay, unless the provider has acted grossly, negligently or intentionally.

19) The hotel only can accommodate a guest, who is registered and signed into the accommodation system with the required information . To the guest sign in is required to submit valid document / ID, passport or driving license / according the Law of of Personal Data Protection. By providing personal data the guest gives acquiesce to their processing in the database and information system of the company . To ensure privacy , the company has safety documentation for the personal data of accommodated guest, which are handled by instructed persons working according the Law of Personal Data Protection.

20 ) Any accommodated person who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic is obliged to provide the necessary data for filling the form Stay declaration for immigration policing . The guest is obliged to state truthfull and complete informations.

21 ) The hotel is authorised to demand ad-hoc payment on arriving and advance payment of up to 100 % of reservation after booking.

22 ) From 22.00 . to 7.00. guests must adhere silent hours.

23 ) Hotel is liable for cash and valuables only if they are stored in the hotel safe .

24 ) By delivering the booking and payment of accommodation or stay in the hotel, the guest confirms the accommodation terms.